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It took me three decades to appreciate life fully, to enjoy it despite its unpleasant surprises. One day I woke up and I realized that I wouldn’t want to die soon, that I still want to see a lot of things. Yes, I was passed thirty when this happened, so I am really a late bloomer.

Telling stories is what I like to do. One of my favorite activities is to sit in a train station, for example, and observe people. Observe their gestures and guess their life stories.

In this blog, I am writing about my life, the lives of others and the lives that could be true or not. It’s up to you to decide.

3 Comments on “A bit about myself

  1. Clarinette,
    what a cute name (and the logo too)
    My Iranian friend, Behrooz, here at work in Dallas, tells me the Population (3.5 million in 1978) is now about 13 million – whew, I can’t imagine it!

    Does the large stone Armenian Church still exist in downtown Tehran?

    We (khorageia?) Americans just called the walnuts in the huge jars that, just ignorance.

    I appreciate you for writing back, …so many memories.
    Thank you, habibi (or is that a bad word/)

  2. Charles,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I am glad you like it!

    Even though the city has changed enormously from 1978, but you’ll be surprized to know that the chinese restaurant (I guess I know which one you are talking about) still exists, of course quite renovated. The beet sellers are present in the winter and monkey brain-sellers (I didn’t know they were called like that) still sit next to the road with their big jars filled with walnuts.

  3. Sobh okhey (Koob nist)
    I love your blog!
    It brings tears to my eyes to read your eloquent prose.
    “Thank you” is too small to convey my joy at finding you! To think you were actually in Tehran last week. Oh how I wish I could go back. No, I did not literally “grow up” there, but I have such fond memories of my time there… My company (GTE) sent me to Tehran in 1978 to work on a large contract to upgrade the Telephone system.

    I visited the Tajrish Bazaar often and ate at a Chinese restaurant up the hill. Your pictures are so beautiful, how I miss the nut stores and I am wondering if they still have guys on the street selling hot beets on a stick and the guys along the streets at night selling pickled walnuts (Monkey brains, we called them). You mentioned going back to Paris, is that where you live now?
    I Better get back to work, Khoda hafez

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