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Bye bye 33!

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Few years ago, I was a faithful customer of Yves Rocher. The benefit of this membership, besides getting a free “zen” shampoo once in a while, was that they would send me a birthday gift every year. What I didn’t know was that they had no clue about women’s obsession with their 30-th birthday.

Mine was approaching full speed. I was feeling both excited and a bit nostalgic already about my twenties. One day the big box arrived with “Yves Rocher” written in green all over it. I opeedn my gift hoping that I would find a nice make-up set or a perfume. But what did I find? An anti-wrinkle cream! Thank you Yves!


Anti-Wrinkle cream Yves Rocher

From then on, I have this burden on me that I don’t want to celebrate my birthdays anymore. The horror of opening a gift and finding another anti-aging product made me wish that this day would come and go unnoticed. But then I soon found out that if you try to ignore it, it becomes even more problematic (and you risk to loose some precious gifts too). Everybody starts asking you what you did on your “big day” or what do you want to do, and as soon as you say “Nothing”, they look at you thinking “Poor old, depressed, looser”, and then they try to find you a good shrink – so that like every other “normal” human being you buy a cake and invite them to your next birthday!

So, to avoid this painful scenario, I’ve decided to celebrate my 30+ birthdays (ad infinitum) without hesitation. After all, once I’ve used the anti-wrinkle creams and hid the signs of aging with those “miraculous” products, who cares about how old I am?

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