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This is the third blog that I am creating in 12 months. The first two only were blessed by one or two lousy posts and soon abandoned. Yesterday, in the plane to Tehran I decided that maybe I should give a third shot to this blogging business! So here we go… and what date did I chose for this holy creation? The thirteenth of Mordad (the 5th month of the Persian calendar)!

This date automatically reminded me of the first passage of My Uncle Napoleon, one of my most favorite books written by Iraj Pezeshkzad. It goes as:

“One hot summer day, to be precise, one Friday the thirteenth of August*, at about a quarter to three in the afternoon, I fell in love. The bitterness and longing I’ve been through since have often made me wonder whether if it had been the twelfth or the fourteenth of August things would have turned out differently.”


*The date in the original version is thirteenth of Mordad, for the English translation this date has been changed to convey the Iranian superstition about number 13 as a bearer of bad luck.

As I am not superstitious (except that I don’t pass salt hand to hand to prevent a fight!), let’s get this ball rolling. Leave me comments and give me your feedback.

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