Computer Heaven

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One of the places I like to visit every time I return to Iran is Payetakht computer complex. Here, you can find anything related to computers, cell phones, multimedia, and for some reason men’s clothing! The building is seven story tall, with a nice café on the first floor, where you can have a snack and then continue your shopping. There is also a service section in the backside of the building, for tasks such as changing a hard drive, fixing a printer, etc.


Last year I was quite surprised to find out one of the stores is exclusively selling Apple computers. Why surprised? Because from 1995, when the US imposed sanctions on Iran, it was quite hard to find Apple computers (not impossible though). Now, in this store you can find anything that Apple has to offer. I don’t know what’s the deal, probably they are all imported by third parties.

Then came my second surprise, I found several stores who were selling Mac softwares. Because copyright laws do not apply to Iran (read this to see how Iran is not completely at fault), you can find all sorts of softwares for a small fraction of their original price. Kind of my heaven!

So, yesterday I entered the store, the very nerdy guy gave me an album with the list of all their softwares, and I bought several ones to install on my new hard drive. Then he told me I can even check on their website to see what are the new softwares they receive from time to time. Now, I am impatiently waiting for Leopard!